Introduction to Kaizala Extensibility

Kaizala Developer Platform team

Microsoft Kaizala is a mobile app for large group communications and work management. In case you are new to Kaizala, you can read more about the product offering here. Briefly, Kaizala allows you to get work done within the context of a conversation / group using actions – which are ‘units of work’. Examples of few actions that come with Kaizala are job, poll, survey, request location, etc.

In addition to the capabilities that come with the app, there are extension points that allow you to customize applications / integrate Kaizala into existing applications / services. This post aims to give you a head start on Kaizala’s extensibility story.

Broadly, there are two endpoints to Kaizala:

  1. Kaizala app: Mobile application which is available on app stores for download
  2. Kaizala service: The service endpoint which has API endpoints, the management portal, etc.

The below diagram gives an overview of Kaizala and its extensibility.

The points of extensibility are shown in green boxes in the above image.

To extend / customize the client, you could develop your own custom action and make it available for the groups you desire. To extend / integrate the services, Kaizala provides REST APIs using which you could interact with Kaizala Services and integrate it with your existing services / line of business applications. For details you can refer the Kaizala developer documentation.

I plan to write posts on samples of client and server extensions – stay tuned!

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