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Deploying Flynn Clusters on Azure

Flynn is a next-generation PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution that can deploy, run, and scale both twelve-factor apps as well as stateful services. In this post, we're checking out the brand-new Flynn Azure Installer.

Containerized CI with Concourse on Azure

Creating a CI pipeline to support the Azure CPI and BOSH deployments on Azure using Concourse CI to automate the build with a series of well-defined, containerized, and isolated steps.

Microservice Orchestration with Fleet on Azure

Micro-service architecture, the concept of providing a large scale service as a collection of small, highly available services is becoming increasingly popular in today's modern cloud service deployments. However, with the rise of Docker and other containerization and orchestration technologies, it can be difficult to get started.

Storing Data Securely in Azure Blob Storage

How you can leverage the Azure Encryption Extensions library to easily encrypt data you store in Azure Blob Storage using Microsoft's proven Cryptographic Services Providers, and how you can upgrade existing Blob Storage code with minimal changes.