Top stories from the VSTS community – 2017.08.04

Martin Woodward

Here are the top stories we found in our streams this week related to DevOps, VSTS, TFS and other interesting topics: image TOP STORIES * Bulk import git repositories into VSTS/TFS – Gordon Beeming Gordon takes us through the different ways to import a Git repository into VSTS and then shows us how to easily automate the process using the VSTS REST API if you have hundreds to bring over like he did. * Display a VSTS dashboard on a TV screen with custom CSS – Edmund Dipple Edmund gives us a cool trick to be able to show a VSTS Dashboard on a TV screen without the VSTS chrome around it. Should work from a Raspberry PI powered screen too. If you have a screen set up like this in your office then be sure to tweet us a picture of it @VSTS * DevOpsThoughts Project – Mohamed Radwan Mohamed talks about the DevOpsThoughts community which aims to teach best practices in DevOps through a multi-platform application which targets a variety of technologies. All open source of course – love it! * Some tips on Search Server for TFS 2017 – Matteo Emili Matteo highlights how to enable code and work item search functionality in TFS 2017 and some things you should watch out for when planning your installation. * Automated Database Provisioning for Development and Testing – Grant Fritchey If your development team needs to work on anonymised copies of the current production database, and if changes are being delivered rapidly as well, that could mean a lot of time and routine DevOps work copying databases. SQL Clone was designed for tasks like this. Grant Fritchey investigates whether you save time, effort and scripting over the more traditional approach, and at what point it makes sense to use it. * IstanbulJS Code Coverage Reports in VSTS – David Wesst David takes us through how he integrated IstanbulJS test results into VSTS Builds and displays the test reports as part of the report build itself. Want to use MochaJS instead? No worries – David has you covered.

image****VIDEOS * Getting Started with Git – Robert Green Robert takes us through the fundamentals of Git and how to store your code in VSTS or GitHub * DevOps with Visual Studio Team Services – Paul Hacker Paul has created a new DevOps with VSTS course over on He explains how to create and manage builds in VSTS, as well as how to set up and run tests as part of the DevOps pipeline. Plus, he shows how to implement Application Insights—which can collect telemetry from an application at any stage of its development—and review the data it collects to assess an application’s performance.

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