Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2021.01.22

Zachary Deptawa

Hello everyone and happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a great start to the year. We’ve got some great content from the community this week largely centering around Azure DevOps Pipelines (classic and YAML). Check them out!

How To Configure an Azure DevOps Pipeline
If you’re still new to Azure DevOps Pipelines, check out this post from Adam! He walks us through configuring an Azure DevOps pipeline from start to finish.

Azure DevOps Build Pipeline in Terraform – YAML Example
John talks us through why you’d want to declare your Azure DevOps Build Pipelines in a YAML configuration file versus a traditional Azure DevOps Build Pipeline. He also walks us through exporting the YAML configuration file from an existing Azure DevOps Pipeline and shows us how to use this YAML file to create a new pipeline.

Figuring out Stages in YAML Pipelines
Continuing down the path of build and release (CI/CD) pipelines, Miguel talks us through what stages are in Azure DevOps and shows us how to use them.

How to: Use PnP.PowerShell to Deploy SharePoint Apps with Azure DevOps
Do you use SPFx (SharePoint Framework)? Corey walks us step-by-step through using PnP.PowerShell to deploy SharePoint apps with Azure DevOps.

How to Build and Test SQL Server Within Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipeline
Testing is super important for any CI/CD pipeline or workflow. In this post, Nikos walks us through building and testing SQL Server within an Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipeline.

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  • k bharu 0

    Download All Repos from azure devops using powershell script


    Hi how to download all Repos from azure devops single script using powershell..I able to download single repo but multiple I am helpless please help me

    • Zachary DeptawaMicrosoft employee 0

      If you’re looking for how to download all repositories for each Project within an Organization, you’d have to programmatically iterate through them and clone them. I’m not sure of an easier way to accomplish this.

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