Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2019.12.20

Sasha Rosenbaum

This post is the last community roundup before the holiday break, and we certainly have some holiday cheer for you. Thanks to all the blog authors, and check out the end of the post for a fun holiday-break project!

Go blue/green with your Cloud Foundry app from WebIDE with Azure DevOps
One-click deploys are empowering, but they aren’t a good idea for production deployments. In this post, Martin Pankraz combines a number of different technologies to create a Blue-Green deployment for SAP WebIDE. In this way, you can have a controlled rollout of an SAP Multi-Target Application, promoting it into production when you are ready. Thank you, Martin!

Check for Malware in a Azure DevOps Pipeline
Security is becoming more and more important for any company developing software, and the attack surface is larger than ever. This is why we recommend shifting left on security as much as possible, bringing automated checks into your pipeline. In this post, Ricci Gian Maria shows us how to use the Microsoft Malware Scanner to help protect your agent against malware. Thank you, Gian Maria!

Different variables for different branches in your Azure DevOps Pipeline
Defining the appropriate variable scope for the hand-offs between different pipelines or environments is often a struggle. We’ve shared some posts on passing variables between stages before, but what do you do if you need to define a different variable for a branch? In this post, René van Osnabrugge shares a PowerShell Script he developed to address this use case. Thank you, René!

Tutorial: Using Azure DevOps to setup a CI/CD pipeline and deploy to Kubernetes
This post is a really detailed tutorial on how to deploy to a Kubernetes cluster using Azure DevOps, and it has been updated with all the new info on Helm 3 and Azure YAML Pipelines. The post has been reviewed by Microsoft teams, so you can use it as a best-practice reference guide for your AKS deployments. Thanks, Mathieu Benoit!

Setting up Azure DevOps CI/CD for a .NET Core 3.1 Web App hosted in Azure App Service for Linux
Have you figured out a technical implementation lately that the community, or even your future self could benefit from? The best blogs are born out of practitioners documenting things for their own future use. In this post, Scott Hanselman walks us through the steps of deploying a .NET Core 3.0 app to Azure App Service on Linux, using Azure Pipelines. I really appreciate the note on “Azure DevOps team is one of the most organized and transparent teams”. Thank you, Scott!

Register as an Organizer for the Global DevOps Bootcamp
The Global DevOps Bootcamp 2019 was attended by 10,000 practitioners from 89 venues from all over the globe, including Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia and Africa! You can check out the summary of the 2019 event here. And starting today, you can sign up as an organizer for the 2020 event. Please follow the link to add your venue to the list!

Smart Xmas
And, finally, some proper holiday cheer. In this video, our staff wizard, Martin Woodward shows us how to set up GitHub actions to control the smart devices in your house. Following the instructions, you can set up your holiday lights, and even some festive music to turn on based on a trigger of choice. And all you have to do make Martin’s house sparkle in the middle of the night is starring a GitHub repo!

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