Testing Mobile devices with Visual Studio using SeeTest plugin

Charles Sterling

While at StarEast I met some really great partners.  One that caught my eye was Experitest with their SeeTestTM  plugin for Visual Studio.  The reason I found them so interesting is most Mobile Testing solutions force you to make a decision do you put interrupts in at the OS level (potentially masking real problems, compromising your device or even giving false positives to issues that aren’t there) or do you test through instrumentation at the application level (Losing access to OS tests like turning off the Network or device rotation) but Experitest lets you test using either of these ways.  This being the case I asked Tal at Experitest to write up a blog post and create a video on how to test mobile applications with SeeTestTM


It is now possible to use Visual Studio (all versions) to test real physical smartphones including iOS, Android, Blackberry, WindowsMobile (inc. Windows 8) and Symbian.


(watch the video https://vimeo.com/41248081).

All that is required is to download the free trial version of the SeeTestTM plugin (www.experitest.com), connect the device you want to test using a standard USB cable to your computer and start recording tests. A script is automatically generated in C# (MSTest, NUnit) and can be copy-pasted into Visual Studio.

That’s it. You can next edit, run and view results of the test — all in Visual Studio.

Some of the main advantages of SeeTestTM:

– Easy to use:

  • Record & play functionality that automatically generated C# code
  • Plug& Play connectivity of the devices (via USB, WiFi or cloud configuration)

– Devices are as-is out of the retail store (NO JAILBREAK and NO ROOTING required)

– Low maintenance of tests due to Object identification by 4 methods that backup each other:

  • Native ID
  • Image Recognition
  • Text Recognition (OCR)
  • Web-DOM (HTML5)

– Fully integrative into Visual Studio with simple code export

– Supports ALL physical smartphones (all software versions, all physical models inc tablets)

– Supports ALL emulators

Watch a video: https://vimeo.com/41248081

Free trial download: http://experitest.com/download

Online manual: http://experitest.com/studio/help2/WebHelp/index.htm

Free webinar including live demo: email support@experitest.com

About Experitest Ltd

Experitest (www.experitest.com) is the developer of SeeTestTM – a plugin for Visual studio that extends its testing capabilities to mobile devices. SeeTest is also available as a on-premises cloud platform (SeeTest Cloud) that enables remote scheduling & access to mobile devices under test. Amongst Experitest’s customers are top Fortune 500 companies such as Verizon, Marvell, Mcafee, BSkyB, Orange, Texas Instruments, Cisco, NYSE and many more. Experitest is a Microsoft VSIP and R&D partner.


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