Set the current iteration in your queries

Ewald Hofman - MSFT

On User Voice there is a request to be able to query on the current iteration. We have it on our backlog, but it won’t ship it for Dev11.

However there is a workaround, found by Mark Michaelis, that you can use to avoid having to update all your work item queries if the team moves to the next sprint.

The idea of the workaround is the following

  1. Add a “Current” iteration node.
  2. Move all iterations that are current under this “Current” node.
  3. Work item queries filters on UNDER “Current”
  4. The query result will show all work items that have an iteration that is under the current node, which are exactly work items within the iterations you just have moved.

Thanks Mark for being so creative.

Ewald Hofman


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