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Upgrading Team Foundation Server
Today we have three more draft documents for you, all about upgrading your Team Foundation Server. The documents are Team Foundation Server Upgrade Types, How to: Upgrade from Team Foundation Server Trial Edition, and How to: Upgrade from Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition. As always, feedback and comments are welcome!-=Susan
Unit Test Sample is Now Downloadable
Last year, when we shipped the documentation for Team Edition for Testers, it included a sample called "Woodgrove Bank." This sample supports the walkthrough that teaches about unit tests: you install VSTS and the docs, and then access the sample locally, it works fine. But if yo
Generic Test Sample Is Now Downloadable
Last year, as we were preparing to ship the documentation for Team Edition for Testers, we ran the EvenOdd sample (the generic test sample) through FXCop and checked it for security and it failed both tests. We fixed it in both respects, but by that time it was too late to ship it, so we had to remove it from the official product release.It to
Installation Configurations for Clients of Visual Studio Team System
One thing you will learn quickly if you start using Visual Studio Team System, Team Edition for Software Architects, Visual Studio Professional Edition, or any of the other Visual Studio 2005 products is that there are a lot of setups you can run. Typically you just run the setup on the disk and it brings up a setup wizard that helps
Comment on :How to: Add Users for Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition
RBeaubien wrote:"Well, I removed the TFSSetup account from this group and added the 5 users of the system.  This of course FAILED and now (I'm guessing) it removed the TFSSetup account, and couldn't add any of the new users so NO ONE can access the TFS server.  How do I fix thix???"Access is always allowed through the service account
re: Scotty’s question on Team Foundation Server Move Types
Scotty  wrote:""Note   For restore-based move types, the Team Foundation application-tier server name must be changed." Why is this so?"We think it is because, in a restore-based move, you're moving to a new physical server (new hardware) that will have a different MAC address (and potentially a new network address), but that TFSAdmi
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wizard to move projects.
Graham Says: "Given that any of these changes are complex and not all environments are the same, I think it would be great if there was a wizard of some kind that would assist in making changes like this."We agree - we are forwarding this suggestion to the appropriate person in the product team for their consideration.SW