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AzureFunBytes – Azure Migrations with Laurent Bugnion

Not all applications are born in the cloud, some are running in data centers across the globe. Moving them into the cloud should be something that excites you rather than looks like a challenge. This time, Laurent Bugnion joins me on AzureFunBytes to discuss how to begin your migration journey into Azure. Laurent and I spent a lot of time on ...

AzureFunBytes – DevOps on Azure with Donovan Brown

In this stream, Donovan Brown joins me to discuss the different methods of implementing DevOps on Microsoft Azure. We take a walk together through different workflows with GitHub Actions, Azure Web App Service, and more. Donovan helps me "rub some DevOps" on some deployment targets we'll spin up to ensure repeatable, reliable releases.

AzureFunBytes Short – Cloud Shell

The Azure Cloud Shell is one of my favorite things about using Azure. Many of the administrative tasks that I may have had to run from a local computer can now be done from a browser anywhere I can authenticate into my Azure account. I used to always worry about needing a computer that had a shell or a terminal program with my ssh key on it ...