AzureFunBytes Episode 59 – Remote Possibilities with @burkeholland

Jay Gordon

AzureFunBytes is a weekly opportunity to learn more about the fundamentals and foundations that make up Azure. It’s a chance for me to understand more about what people across the Azure organization do and how they do it. Every week we get together at 11 AM Pacific on Microsoft LearnTV and learn more about Azure.

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This week on AzureFunBytes we look at how using remote development containers can help produce greater reliability and speed to software builds. Containers are a unit of software that allows for packaging of all the resources and dependencies. They are lightweight and are meant to require less overhead than managing a whole server with an operating system requiring regular updates and security fixes.

Development containers help you focus on building code and in this software, providing a separate coding environment from your development computer. This is ideal when ensuring reliability for all that may be collaborating on a single software development project.

“Works on my machine”

If you’re a developer, you’ve almost certainly said those words in your life. Environments are still one of the hardest things to setup and manage. In this stream, we’ll take an in-depth look at how VS Code and GitHub are solving this problem and the myriad of ways that you can access, edit and run your code. Even if all you have is an iPad.”

To help me understand how this all comes together, I’ve invited Microsoft Principal Developer Advocate Burke Holland to join me. We’ve got a jam packed agenda including:

  • Opening projects in VS Code
  • GitHub integration
  • Remote – Containers
  • Codespaces

00:00:00 – Opening
00:04:42 – Let’s meet Burke!
00:10:27 – Burke’s start in tech
00:16:00 – GitHub and VS Code
00:21:30 – Do you trust the authors of the files in this folder?
00:24:34 – Python without having to run it locally
00:36:55 – GitHub pull request right in VS Code
00:40:18 –
00:47:39 – Why is Codespaces not free?
00:55:59 – “…empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

About Burke Holland

Burke Holland is a front-end developer living in Nashville, TN; the greatest city in the world according to science. He enjoys JavaScript a lot because it’s the only way he Node to Express himself. Get it? Never mind. Burke blogs only slightly better than he codes and definitely not as good as he talks about himself in the third person. Burke works with the VS Code team at Microsoft. You can find him on Twitter as @burkeholland.

Learn about Azure fundamentals with me!

Live stream is normally found on Twitch, YouTube, and LearnTV at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET Thursday. You can also find the recordings here as well:

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Useful Docs:

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