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Buck Hodges

The VSTS 2005 page mentions the newsgroups for VSTS (in the Community Resources section beside the “Ask the Team” column). It doesn’t stand out, though, and so a lot of people may not realize they are there. The newsgroups are actively monitored by a large number of VSTS folks, so it’s a great way to interact and provide feedback (you’ll usually get a quick reply to any question you post there).

You can read the newsgroups just using your browser at http://communities.microsoft.com/newsgroups/default.asp?icp=whidbey&slcid=us. The browser interface isn’t very good for keeping up with the newsgroups, though.

Viewing these Newsgroups with an NNTP Newsreader 

You can use Outlook Express or other NNTP newsreader.  Since these are private newsgroups, your server will require you to logon using the following information:

  • Server: privatenews.microsoft.com
  • Account name: privatenewsVSUser
  • Password: Password
  • Note that the password is case-sensitive.

Here is the list of the newsgroups with rough descriptions.

  • Microsoft.private.whidbey.teamsystem.general – VSTS overall
  • Microsoft.private.whidbey.teamsystem.architect – modeling and design tools (Whitehorse)
  • Microsoft.private.whidbey.teamsystem.architect.appdesign – Whitehorse app designer
  • Microsoft.private.whidbey.teamsystem.architect.deployment – Whitehorse deployment designer
  • Microsoft.private.whidbey.teamsystem.developer – developer tools (PreFast, FxCop, Perf tools)
  • Microsoft.private.whidbey.teamsystem.developer.classdesign – Whitehorse class designer
  • Microsoft.private.whidbey.teamsystem.tester – testing tools
  • Microsoft.private.whidbey.teamsystem.projectmanager – project management tools
  • Microsoft.private.whidbey.teamsystem.teamfoundation – source control, change management, work item tracking


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