Visual Studio 2005 Team System (aka Burton)

Buck Hodges

The official web site for Visual Studio 2005 Team System is now live, including a Burton blog called AskBurton. I am a developer working on the Burton source control system (Team Foundation), which we code-named Hatteras. Over time I plan to add details about Hatteras and how it works. Here is a good description of Team Foundation from the Team Development page.

Visual Studio Team Foundation provides integrated source control, work item tracking, reporting, and custom policies that enable your team to efficiently manage change in your software development projects. The components of Team Foundation include work item tracking, source code control, policy support and notifications, and report generating capabilities. By integrating these change management components seamlessly, we unobtrusively inject SCM process and team-specific requirements into the developer’s daily workflow.

If you are at TechEd, be sure to see presentations by Brian Harry, our product unit manager (PUM), and Doug Neumann, our program manager for Burton source control.

DEV303 Visual Studio 2005 Enterprise Tools: Enterprise-Class Source Control and Work Item Tracking
Thursday, May 27 3:15 PM- 4:30 PM, Room 20D
Speaker(s): Brian Harry
Track(s): Architecture, Developer Tools and Technologies
Get an introduction to the new software configuration management system included in the Visual Studio 2005 enterprise tools. See how an integrated and extensible source code control and work item tracking system can boost your team’s productivity by significantly streamlining your development processes.

Hatteras Island, with its famous lighthouse, is part of North Carolina’s Outer Banks.


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