TFS version control command line: tf.exe

Buck Hodges

For folks who like command lines or those who’ve found the typical command line experience a little spartan, you should try tf.exe.

One interesting feature of our command line is that it uses dialogs for a number of commands when you are running it interactively (i.e., you don’t specify /noprompt or /i).  For instance, you get the same check-in dialog from the checkin command in tf.exe as you get from VS.

The following commands bring up the same dialogs you’d find in VS.

  • changeset
  • checkin
  • difference runs external diff viewer
  • get will take you to the conflict dialog as necessary
  • history
  • resolve
  • shelve
  • unshelve
  • view runs the associated editor
  • workspace

That makes working with the command line a lot more convenient than you might otherwise think.  You can find the command line docs on MSDN at,vs.80).aspx.


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