Combining OneNote and Outlook would make OneNote very useful

Buck Hodges

I’ve written before about putting files directly into Outlook to make them securely available at work and at home.  Part of the reason for that is to have documents that just contain my thoughts on changes we should make, features we should consider, and so on.  Those are the kinds of things that would fit well into OneNote.  But I can’t get to OneNote in all the places where I have access to Outlook.

Omar Shahine wrote a post today titled, Outlook Wish List 2007.  In it he mentions wanting to see OneNote integration with Outlook.  That would be really useful, and I’d start using OneNote if I could see the same OneNote view at home and at work via Outlook.  If either of those teams is listening, here’s another vote for it.

Replace Notes with OneNotes. I’ve never understood Outlook Notes. They don’t have a scroll bar, look like sticky notes, and are in a weirdo font. You also don’t have a toolbar and can’t easily assign a category to them. Lets put Notes out to pasture and integrate the excellent note taking app OneNote directly into Outlook so that my notes can roam and be viewable in OWA. Mike Torres weighs in on this and I have to agree with many of his points. The fact that OneNote doesn’t work in a web browser, or doesn’t roam from PC to PC w/o something like FolderShare is a major hindrance for me. The fact that OneNote for PPC and Smartphone can’t sync over the air like tasks, contacts, calendar and mail is an even bigger bummer.


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