Welcome to the new home of our developer tools blogs!

Nicole Bruck

Today, we’re proud to show you the new look and URL for Microsoft’s developer tools and services blogs where you can explore the latest news and updates for our products, discover a new project to try out, and share your favorite content with your friends. With our new mobile-friendly design, you can stay connected with our developer community even when you’re AFK (away from keyboard).

You’ll see this enhanced UI and functionality on our Visual Studio, IoT Developer, Premier Developer, DevOps, and the new QSharp blogs. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see additional developer blogs transition to this new URL. All blogs will preserve existing content as well as your bookmarks and RSS feed subscriptions. However, if you have any issues reaching your desired content, please report it to us through the Feedback button in the lower right corner.

Explore your favorite tags

On some of our existing posts, you will notice some visual changes. We’ve reviewed our previous posts on the Visual Studio blog and edited for more accurate categories and tags so that you can more easily find content related to your work. When you find a post that is helpful, make sure to check out the categories and tags at the bottom to discover other related posts.

We’ll be evolving and improving these tags over time to make sure that we’re keeping you connected with the latest topics and news. If you’re looking for a tag that doesn’t currently exist or you have a topic you’d like us to cover, please send us a suggestion through our Feedback button. Our authors will be reviewing these suggestions to inspire their next posts!

Visual Studio Blog’s most popular categories and tags:

Share with your colleagues

It’s a great feeling when you can show someone a tool or trick that makes their development so much easier. Now, when you discover a quote, code snippet, or blog post that shows you that new tool or concept, you can share it on your favorite social media easily.

Walkthrough of how to use the Twitter share button on a blog post

Frequently Asked Questions

To see the full list of FAQs and latest on the known issues, please see our Developer Blogs FAQ. If you have a question, idea, or concern that isn’t listed, please share it with us through the Feedback button in the lower-right.

How do I find content, especially about topics relevant to my projects or from my favorite authors?

You can always do a search or filter to posts in a specific blog. If you’re still having trouble finding content, please tell us about it by completing our short survey. To find posts by a certain author, you can now visit their author page where you can connect with on social media or discover other topics they’ve recently written about.

I have saved/bookmarked the URL to this blog. Will I need to change this?

We have you covered. All your existing URLs will auto-redirect. However, if a link unintentionally breaks, please report it through our feedback.

What about my RSS feed? Will my feed reader still get all the latest posts?

Your RSS feed will continue to work through your previous set-up. If your RSS feed is broken, please report it with details about which feed reader you use.

How do I follow the team / author?

For the authors, please visit the author pages to find the appropriate social spaces to follow them at.

For a blog, or related social, please see the “Follow Us” links at the very bottom of the blog.

How do I find other developer blogs?

The navigation right on top will take you to our various developer blogs. Some links will take you to a blog on the new site. Others will show an error. This is because those blogs are still in the process of moving to our new platform. For immediate access to content on those blogs, please continue to visit the MSDN blog.

Is this the only blog that is moving?

This migration involves a number of Microsoft developer blogs. Check out the Developer Blogs FAQ for a table of all blogs that will be migrated over the next few weeks.

Share your feedback!

We are very excited about our new blogs and would love to hear your thoughts. Please fill out this survey to help us improve, or share your feedback and bug reports through the feedback button.