Welcome to the new home of our developer tools blogs!

Nicole Bruck

Today, we’re proud to show you the new look and URL for Microsoft’s developer tools and services blogs where you can explore the latest news and updates for our products, discover a new project to try out, and share your favorite content with your friends. With our new mobile-friendly design, you can stay connected with our developer community even when you’re AFK (away from keyboard).

You’ll see this enhanced UI and functionality on our Visual Studio, IoT Developer, Premier Developer, DevOps, and the new QSharp blogs. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see additional developer blogs transition to this new URL. All blogs will preserve existing content as well as your bookmarks and RSS feed subscriptions. However, if you have any issues reaching your desired content, please report it to us through the Feedback button in the lower right corner.

Explore your favorite tags

On some of our existing posts, you will notice some visual changes. We’ve reviewed our previous posts on the Visual Studio blog and edited for more accurate categories and tags so that you can more easily find content related to your work. When you find a post that is helpful, make sure to check out the categories and tags at the bottom to discover other related posts.

We’ll be evolving and improving these tags over time to make sure that we’re keeping you connected with the latest topics and news. If you’re looking for a tag that doesn’t currently exist or you have a topic you’d like us to cover, please send us a suggestion through our Feedback button. Our authors will be reviewing these suggestions to inspire their next posts!

Visual Studio Blog’s most popular categories and tags:

Share with your colleagues

It’s a great feeling when you can show someone a tool or trick that makes their development so much easier. Now, when you discover a quote, code snippet, or blog post that shows you that new tool or concept, you can share it on your favorite social media easily.

Walkthrough of how to use the Twitter share button on a blog post

Frequently Asked Questions

To see the full list of FAQs and latest on the known issues, please see our Developer Blogs FAQ. If you have a question, idea, or concern that isn’t listed, please share it with us through the Feedback button in the lower-right.

How do I find content, especially about topics relevant to my projects or from my favorite authors?

You can always do a search or filter to posts in a specific blog. If you’re still having trouble finding content, please tell us about it by completing our short survey. To find posts by a certain author, you can now visit their author page where you can connect with on social media or discover other topics they’ve recently written about.

I have saved/bookmarked the URL to this blog. Will I need to change this?

We have you covered. All your existing URLs will auto-redirect. However, if a link unintentionally breaks, please report it through our feedback.

What about my RSS feed? Will my feed reader still get all the latest posts?

Your RSS feed will continue to work through your previous set-up. If your RSS feed is broken, please report it with details about which feed reader you use.

How do I follow the team / author?

For the authors, please visit the author pages to find the appropriate social spaces to follow them at.

For a blog, or related social, please see the “Follow Us” links at the very bottom of the blog.

How do I find other developer blogs?

The navigation right on top will take you to our various developer blogs. Some links will take you to a blog on the new site. Others will show an error. This is because those blogs are still in the process of moving to our new platform. For immediate access to content on those blogs, please continue to visit the MSDN blog.

Is this the only blog that is moving?

This migration involves a number of Microsoft developer blogs. Check out the Developer Blogs FAQ for a table of all blogs that will be migrated over the next few weeks.

Share your feedback!

We are very excited about our new blogs and would love to hear your thoughts. Please fill out this survey to help us improve, or share your feedback and bug reports through the feedback button.


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  • PandaSharp 0

    Congrats on the really needed new platform, I hope that all the rest of dev blogs will follow soon and also the rest of MS non dev blogs will be gathered under a unique platform, just few things: – I cannot see the feedback button (latest version of Edge on latest version of windows 10) – I cannot find a way to reach the premier developer blog from the menu – would be nice to have a home: devblogs.microsoft.com with a list of all the news thanks and keep working on it


    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      Thank you for letting us know about the feedback button! We’ll look into this straight away.

      The idea of a common feed for all developer blogs is not a new one but, with the new platform, it will be easier for us to experiment and learn what set up would work best for our readers. If there’s particular blogs or topics that you’d like us to prioritize, please fill out our survey and share what you’d like to see us enable: https://aka.ms/devblogsurvey.

  • Linus Wieland 0

    Great new fresh and clean blog. Bravi..

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      Thanks Linus! 

  • Dean Jackson 0

    It’s slow loading the site right now.

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      My apologies, Dean. We’ve repaired some cacheing and indexing issues but, if you’re still seeing long page load times, please report it so we can look into it right away.

  • Jon 0

    Needs a dark mode. Devs have like 50 huge screens, I’m going blind here.

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      Oh no! I am terribly sorry for your eyes and I hope there’s no lasting damage. I’ve noted your feedback for our future theme and UI improvements. If you have another suggestion for how we can make it easier to read, please share it with us!

  • Mark Harr 0

    Nice fresh layout.  I was somewhat surprised though to see Apache Cordova listed on your list of tagged (featured?) addresses, and hopeful of some new content, I clicked on it.  Alas, still no new content in 2 1/2 years. <sigh>

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      Sorry about that, Mark! If you send us a suggestion, it will be sent to our authors to review and plan for their next posts.

  • Zoey M 0

    This is very cool! 

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      Thanks, Zoey!

  • Theo Albers 0

    Very nice, easy to read on my phone! It’s a bit slow loading pages though…

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      Thanks for sharing, Theo! We’re happy to hear that you like the mobile experience so far. If you’re still seeing slow page times, please report it to us so we can get an accurate sense of the impact.

  • Raman JindalMicrosoft employee 0

    I could not find any place for naviagting to ‘Premier Developer’ blog in the naviagation menu (Product blogs, Devops etc.) at the top. Can we please ensure that there are navigation links for all the blogs in the navigation menu.
    Also, can you please help know where the ‘Data Platform’ and ‘Server & Management’ blogs moving from ‘Microsoft Server & Tools blogs’? I am seeing broken links there.

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      Hey Raman, thanks for the feedback. We’re currently in the midst of our great migration from the old platform to this new one so it helps a lot to see where our links are broken or missing. If you find a broken link, please report it so we can get it fixed straightaway. For the Data Platform and Server & Management blogs, could you be more specific? Our SQL Server Data Tools Team Blog is linked in the navigation menu.

  • Yves Goergen 0

    Welcome, too. The new design is more elegant then the old which had much technical stuff all around. But it’s still slow as hell. I have to wait 10 seconds and more for any page to load. That’s hardly interactive anymore. Also, when submitting a comment, the page scrolls up to the top. why does it do that? When I scroll down again, the entire comments “widget”(?) is disabled and an activity indicator tells me that it’s working really hard to submit my comment. Not so elegant anymore. But it’s still on par with my expectations from Microsoft websites. If I want faster websites, I’m going elsewhere.

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      Hi Yves, sorry to hear that your experience was so poor and slow! We’re still working through some cacheing and indexing as our site is settling in and I apologize for the painful page load times. I’ve captured your feedback about commenting and I promise that we’ll continue to try for that elegant experience. Thank you for reaching out and please continue to share feedback with us.

  • cs 0

    Please make the pages more printer, offline and archive friendly.
    I usually have a habit of “printing” blog articles to pdf, as that has serveral benefits:- it can be read/viewed offline
    – there is “always” a backup of the content, in case the blog is taken down, or a redesign “loses” information e.g. comments
    There’s a lot of “white space” in the side panels (unnessary in my opinion) and quite a small font size when printed say by Chrome.
    Provide the ability to “download” a PDF of an entire blog – you could do something like your docs.microsoft.com did with its “PDF Support”….where they have a “Download PDF” button.This would allow the blog to be easily navigable, and skimmable using whatever PDF viewer tool people and aid discoverability, and provide the offline/archive benefit.

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      Thank you for bringing this up! This is not a scenario that we have optimized for yet so it’s good that you’ve brought our attention to it. I’ve added this to my team’s feature requests and we’ll start considering the ways we can make the pages more printer-friendly. If you have other ideas for how we could make a better blog platform, please report suggestions or issues

  • SuperCocoLoco . 0

    I see that the WPF blog dissapear in this new home of your developer tools blogs. That’s mean the dead of WPF? Or simply the lack of interest in WPF from Microsoft as in VB.NET?

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      As we looked at the developer tools blogs before this migration, we chose to make some changes to how we structure and organize our blog posts and pages. In the case of the WPF blog, content there was older with the more recent posts publishing on our .NET and Visual Studio blogs, which have a much healthier readership and discoverability. So you’ll likely see us shuffling WPF content to be better incorporated into our more established blogs where customers can find it easier, rather than isolating it on its own. You may see us consolidate or separate other blogs or content as we reorganize so we can optimize for our customers. If you’d like to see a specific topic or you have a suggestion for how we could improve the content, please let us know.

  • Will Dewees-Power (Bothell) 0

    I really like the new site, but miss one feature of the old. On the main page, I always used the comments link to see at a glance if there was new posts (I remembered the old post count) and to quickly get to the comments instead of having to scroll through the article every time.

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      Thank you for sharing your feedback about the comments link. I’ve added it as a possible feature to our backlog and we’ll work on a way to make it easier to see new and active comment threads. Please keep sharing your suggestions! 

  • Joshua Mallorca 0

    Nice .. Im looking foward to upcoming news.

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      Thanks, Joshua!

  • Justin Bigelow 0

    The update looks great! Can you tell us anything about the engine that powers the blogs? Is it open source or an internal app?
    EDIT: Nevermind, just realized it was WordPress 🙂

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      We are using a custom theme of WordPress for our blog site. If you have any suggestions or examples of blog platform features that would be compelling for us to add or try, please share!

  • Daniel Smith 0

    I used to go to blogs.msdn.com which was a convenient way to access blog posts across all the different teams.
    If I go to devblogs.microsoft.com it redirects to devblogs.microsoft.com/visualstudio.  I was hoping that devblogs.microsoft.com would act in a similar way as blogs.msdn.com and aggregate all the posts from Visual Studio, ASP.NET, .NET etc.
    New posts to devblogs.microsoft.com don’t appear to be showing up on blogs.msdn.com, so where is the new central place where we can view all the posts now?

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      Hi Daniel, we are working on a way to easily flow content from multiple developer tools blogs into one feed that you can subscribe to. It will take us a little time to build our platform out to enable this but please stay tuned! I’ve added this question to our FAQ where you can check to see if we have updates to share.

      • Daniel Smith 0

        Thanks for the update Nicole, that’s great to hear aggregation is in the pipeline 🙂

  • John Schroedl 0

    Generally, I like the cleaner look of the pages. However, I find the dark Twitter, Facebook an Linked In icons to be very distracting. I will never use them. Please consider providing a way for me to hide or disable them. They really do distract from the reading experience at least on my PC browser. 

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      Apologies for the distraction, John. Please continue to share your thoughts and send us feedback as you explore the new site. Thanks!

  • Bassam M. El-Shafei 0

    I think there is a typo in /category/game/ category, its /category/gaming/.
    Thanks in advance

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      Fixed and thank you for flagging, Bassam!

  • Chuck Ryan 0

    Is ther any way to change the sort order of the comments?
    Having the primary comments sort newest first and then having the responses sorted oldest first, my prefered sort order, makes the whole thing pretty hard to read.

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee 0

      Thanks for reaching out, Chuck! As of now, there is not a way to sort comments on a particular post but we’re experimenting with our UI so stay tuned for more changes. This new sorting was an attempt to surface the more recent comments and conversations of a post per other customer feedback we’ve heard. If you find other things that you’d like to see sorted or presented differently, please continue to share your thoughts.

  • Milan Thapa 0

    Congratulation, the new UI is stunning and seems more interactive blog. I’m wondering are we allowed to write a blog or its still only available to officials. 

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