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Standalone Azure IoT EdgeHub Dev Tool (iotedgehubdev) Introduction
As an IoT developer, when you work with Azure IoT Edge project, one of the issues you might have is that you would like to debug your Edge modules locally before actually deploy them to the production environment. This can be done by Azure IoT EdgeHub Dev Tool (iotedgehubdev), which provides a local development experience for creating, testing
Easily send random generated D2C messages to IoT Hub with Azure IoT Hub Tools
Z, a software engineer, developed an application about a smart home assistant using Azure IoT service, and he wonders if the application works fine. He want to send messages indicating time and temperature to IoT Hub from many devices simultaneously each for many iterations, so these messages should be formed in a similar template but the data
Visual Studio Cloud Explorer now supports Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service
In the world of IoT, there’re many device provisioning scenarios. For example, solution providers would expect a zero-touch provisioning to a single IoT solution without hardcoding IoT Hub connection information at the factory. The IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service is a helper service for IoT Hub that enables zero-touch, just-in-time provi
Convert your docker-compose Project to Azure IoT Edge Solution
If you are a container expert, you may want to port your existing compose application to Azure IoT Edge. We are glad to introduce iotedge-compose to help convert your docker-compose project to Azure IoT Edge. Let us see how it works. Prerequisites Install the Tool and Convert a Sample Project
Azure IoT DevOps Projects now General Available to help you easily initialize a CI/CD ready IoT Edge project
With the shift of modern software development, developers need to do more than ever. Having a CI/CD pipeline could help developers deliver value faster and more transparently. For Azure IoT Edge, we already have a built-in Azure IoT Edge task in Azure Pipelines as well as a Jenkins Plugin to help you easily adopt DevOps with your Azure IoT Edg
Develop and debug ARM64 IoT Edge modules in Visual Studio Code (preview)
Develop and debug ARM64 IoT Edge modules in Visual Studio Code With the release of IoT Edge 1.0.8, developers can preview the IoT Edge support on ARM64 IoT Edge devices. In the meanwhile, I’m glad to share the steps of developing and debugging ARM64 IoT Edge custom modules in VS Code. Prerequisites This post assumes that you use a compute
Azure IoT Edge Jenkins plugin is now generally available
Today, we happy to announce that Azure IoT Edge Jenkins plugin is now generally available! As we all know, Jenkins is a popular open source automation server supporting continuous integration as well as continuous delivery. Azure IoT Edge is a fully managed service built on Azure IoT Hub. Deploy your cloud workloads—artificial intelligenc
Azure IoT Tools make it easy to monitor custom Event Hub endpoints
With your Azure IoT application becomes more and more complicated, it is a common scenario that developers leverage IoT Hub message routing to send device-to-cloud messages to different endpoints. Therefore, we want to a convenient way to view and monitor the custom endpoints. With Azure IoT Tools, developers could not only view all the endp