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How Can I Display More Than 1,023 Characters in a Custom Message Box?

Hey, Scripting Guy! I need to create a custom alert box that has over 1,000 characters in it. The message box used by Wscript.Echo can hold all the characters, but I can’t change the message box title. I can change the title of a message box used by the VBscript MsgBox function, but it won’t hold all my characters. Can you help?-- KB ...

How Can I Retrieve the Path to the %windir% Folder on a Computer?

Hey, Scripting Guy! How can I retrieve the path to the %windir% folder on a computer?-- DS Hey, DS. Interesting that you should ask this question. This same question happened to be asked on an internal Microsoft mailing list just the other day, and the answer given (not by one of the Scripting Guys we hasten to add) was an extremely ...

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