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Visualize Macro Expansion for C++

We are excited to announce the availability of Visualize Macro Expansion in Visual Studio 17.7 Preview. This feature lets you visualize the step-by-step expansion of macros. To begin utilizing this feature, ensure that you update to the latest version of Visual Studio Preview. Visualize Macro Expansion Visual Studio has introduced an ...

Semantic Kernel Tools: Prompt Engineering for Multiple Endpoints

Are you curious how you can test your designs and applications against multiple endpoints, and compare cost or performance?  Are you ready to take your prompt engineering to the next level? We are thrilled to announce an exciting new feature for Semantic Kernel Tools, the Visual Studio Code extension designed to enhance the ...

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Help influence the public Semantic Kernel backlog on GitHub

We've already been using issues on GitHub to collect feedback and bugs from the community. This has allowed us to prioritize the most important features and fixes for the community. We're now taking this a step further by making our project boards public. This will allow you to see what we're working on now and what we're planning to work ...

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