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JetchatGPT improvements: error handling and animations

Hello prompt engineers and Jetpack Compose developers, Last week, we introduced the JetchatGPT sample to show you how to integrate the OpenAI chat API into an Android app. Instead of building requests manually like in previous blog posts, we showed you how to use the openai-kotlin client library to make it easier to interact with the ...

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Python in Visual Studio Code - May 2023 Release

The May 2023 release of the Python and Jupyter extensions for Visual Studio Code are now available. In this release, Jupyter is no longer installed alongside the Python extension, microvenv support was added for the Create Environment command, new automatic conversion of f-strings, and code navigation on strings that contain module names. Keep reading to learn more!

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Announcing the Microsoft Graph Early Adopter recognition program

Show off your Microsoft Graph tools and SDKs early adopter status with a digital badge certifying your hard work and curiosity! Your feedback is critical to us We strive to build products that delight and empower you to achieve more. Hearing from you early and often about what’s working and where we could do better plays a critical role in...

Blueprint to organize a quantum computing workshop

For many people, learning a new skill is easiest when it's a shared experience. Quantum computing workshops offer an interactive, structured and co-operative forum to jump start your quantum learning. But how do organize such an event? The Azure Quantum team frequently receives questions on how to organize quantum computing workshops, so ...

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