Reusable controls for your SharePoint Framework solutions

The usage of SharePoint Framework keeps on growing and while there are already great solutions build, we have noticed that a lot of developers try to achieve the same thing. Also, many developers asked us to open source the first party solutions to learn from the SharePoint engineering team and re-use some of the code. 

SharePoint Patterns & Practices – December 2017 update

SharePoint Dev Ecosystem / SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) December 2017 update is out with new contributions from the community to the community. This post contains all the details related to what was included with the release and what else has been happening in the SharePoint Dev ecosystem during the past month.

Authentication in Microsoft Teams Apps: Tabs

Some of the most common questions we receive from Microsoft Teams developers concern authentication to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), single sign-on (SSO) to Azure AD, and how to access Microsoft Graph APIs from within a Microsoft Teams app. Here, we'll explain in detail how to do these things, going above and beyond authentication basics.