Announcing SharePoint Framework 1.12 – Extending more of Microsoft Teams

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You can use SharePoint Framework to extend either Microsoft Team or SharePoint easily by using your chosen JavaScript framework. SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is based on industry standard web stack model with native support on using Microsoft Graph for accessing the business information. This flexibility, with the free and optimized hosting of the solutions, has been really the key on the success of SharePoint Framework with tens of millions of users using custom extensibility built with it each month.


Important – Due to the regressions in the SharePoint Framework 1.12 release, this version has been now deprecated. Please use the version 1.11 for now. We are working on an updated version of the v1.12.1 to address known issues. You can absolutely test new features in the v1.12 already now, but you might ran into some unexpected issues with packaging and other tooling.


Given the feedback and input we have received from our partners and customers, we have evolved the widely adopted SharePoint Framework further to provide even more flexible and comprehensive extensibility options for both Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

With the release of 1.12, we are making it even easier to build Microsoft Teams extensibility with automatic hosting of your UX layer and we enable you to combine the SharePoint Framework pieces together with the other Microsoft Teams extensibility options. We also introduce a support on building Microsoft Teams meeting apps with SharePoint Framework to simplify the development effort and to make it as easy as possible for our partners and customers to introduce rich collaboration experiences across the meetings lifecycle. Notice that the meeting app support is pending a server-side update when this blog post is going out. We’ll keep you up to date on the progress.

Here are the key capabilities included in the SharePoint Framework 1.12:

  • The Sync to Teams button in the Tenant App Catalog will use the Teams app manifest defined in the solution if present to create and publish a Teams app package to Microsoft Teams. If an app manifest file is not present, SharePoint will dynamically generate one.
  • New web part APIs for detecting web part size and size changes
  • Preliminary support for Microsoft Teams meeting apps with the SharePoint Framework – full support is pending a fix for server side regression
  • Add support for Node.js v12 and Gulp 4
  • Updated default TypeScript version to v3.7 (v3.9 is also supported)
  • Updated React NPM packages (react & react-dom) to v16.9
  • Updated Office UI Fabric React npm package (Fluent UI) to v7.156
  • Updated default Teams SDK to 1.18 level

Documentation assets to get started with SharePoint Framework 1.12 version and the related updates:

Future plans for SharePoint Framework

We will keep on actively investing in the SharePoint Framework, given the massive success and trust the ecosystem has for it. We are planning to have numerous releases of the SharePoint Framework during 2021 to extend the options for our customers and partners.

Most notable plans for 2021 with SharePoint Framework:

  • Building UX extensibility for the Microsoft Viva Connections with new component types optimized for desktop, web and mobile.
  • Improved story for the SharePoint store with streamlined end user and administrative experiences.
  • Improved Microsoft Teams desktop and mobile client experiences.
  • Evolve the Microsoft Teams extensibility options to make it even easier to build UX extensibility for Microsoft Teams in all of the user interface options.
  • Improvements on building building extensibility for the SharePoint portals and lists using existing extensibility option.

Feedback, support and issues

We are building SharePoint Framework for you, so please keep on providing us with feedback and input on the needed capabilities.

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SharePoint Team, Microsoft – 16th of March 2021

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