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Handle high-DPI scaling in your Office solutions

To help you handle DPI changes in your Office solutions, we published a new article, Handle high DPI and DPI scaling in your Office solution. This article explains how to handle DPI changes for the following types of solutions: VSTO add-ins, COM add-ins, ActiveX controls, ribbon extensions, OLE servers, Office add-ins, and custom task panes.

Preview release of the Node.js Bot Builder v4 SDK for Microsoft Teams

We’re excited to announce the preview release of the Node.js Teams Bot Builder v4 SDK. This has consistently been a top ask from our bot builders and we’re very happy to begin expanding our support for bots built on Bot Framework to include the newest version. This preview release is just the beginning; over the next few months we’ll be adding new documentation, samples and releasing our SDKs for both .NET and Node.js.