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Sarahmarie Perniciaro

Identifying and solving problems is at the heart of Sarahmarie’s interest in technology. From the first moment she learned that “Ctrl+S” could save a document on her massive desktop computer as a young girl, she asked herself, “what other control combinations are there?” and “what else can this thing do”?

When she graduated with a degree in Electronic Media, Art, and Technology, she thought she would be an employer’s dream hire. She had a background in web design, graphic design, video, and sound design. She realized that while her portfolio was diverse in content, employers wanted specific proficiencies. It was here that Sarahmarie’s path to CSE began, weaving through graphic design, front-end web development, e-commerce, and client relations.

Growing up as a photography enthusiast, Sarahmarie started out in graphic design for a local non-profit. She realized that graphic design was not her calling and she moved into front-end web development. In this new position, a spark was lit, and Sarahmarie began to think and have dreams about coding; when a technical problem was presented, she stayed with it until it was solved. After the non-profit world, Sarahmarie found success in the automotive industry. She held many roles but reflects most fondly on the times when she was able to combine her love for coding with customer relations. Identifying issues and opportunities with clients, and then interacting with developers to solve those problems on the back end, was a highlight in her career. Sarahmarie is now able to immerse herself in these types of problem-solving scenarios as she works on government-agency contracts within CSE – often with ambiguous details and timelines.

Sarahmarie’s biggest learning opportunity to date has been the parenting of her young son, George. After interviewing with CSE while just weeks away from her due date, Sarahmarie found herself surrounded by teammates who actively supported her transition to motherhood and all the tasks it entails.