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Sara Spalding

Sara Spalding is a key member of the CSE team, working with Microsoft customers to solve some of their biggest challenges. In addition to complex problem-solving and customer engagement, CSE allows Sara to help engineers grow and develop in their careers. She is a passionate mentor; she looks forward to spending time with her mentees and appreciates she what she learns from them. She loves working on a team that lets her prioritize these mentoring relationships while also working on problems that energize her.

Before joining the CSE team, Sara was the site director for Microsoft’s New England Research and Development Center in Cambridge, MA. As the site director, Sara oversaw the creation and expansion of Microsoft’s campus where she worked with Microsoft R&D and local leaders to establish Microsoft as a key contributor to the local community and tech ecosystem. Sara and her team started The Garage intern program which gives university students an opportunity to work with industry leaders and their peers to build apps for the latest Microsoft platforms. Before that, Sara worked on products including the .NET Framework, MSDN, and Internet Explorer.

The opportunity that we have to help our customers solve their most challenging problems is huge, and the fact that we can do that while also driving improvements in our own products and growing and developing our engineers is a dynamic combination. Sara and the CSE team have a powerful and unique impact on our clients and our products, as well as driving excellence in engineering.