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Judy Meyer

Judy Meyer leads the Automotive Industry Team on CSE. Eight years ago, she started at Microsoft in the SQL Division and stayed with Core Engineering for six years. During that time, she worked closely with the team that would eventually evolve into CSE. She always admired their work with customers and the insightful feedback they provided to product teams. As CSE grew and started focusing on industries like Automotive, she seized the opportunity to join the team. Judy believes having a deep understanding of an industry can help you communicate and solve problems for specific customers as well as creating better tools and solutions to address common challenges faced throughout a particular industry. Her team not only works directly with customers to find solutions but also looks at patterns throughout the industry to anticipate what tools will be needed in the future.

One of the projects she was most proud of leading was developing a comprehensive strategy and platform that facilitates Microsoft and the CSE team to work closely with automotive customers needing to leverage new technologies as they pursue future innovations in the industry. They researched trends in the industry and coordinated with the product teams to develop technology approaches that helped build a platform that supports their customers now and into the future with trends like autonomous driving. She finds it incredibly rewarding to truly be a part of the customer journey.

One of the reasons Judy enjoys being a part of the CSE team is its unique way of working directly with customers and their developer teams to solve some of their most pressing challenges. She and her team are able to work directly with their customers to develop ideas and build applications in partnership with them. The ability to talk and brainstorm directly with the customers’ engineering teams leads to better solutions, and she feels this is core in her ability to empower developers and her customers’ digital transformation to achieve more.