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Jhansi Reddy

Before Jhansi was a Program Manager Architect on the CSE team, she was a Software Developer and PM on the Microsoft Learning team. She also worked as an instructor at Seattle Central Community College. A passionate lifetime learner herself; she loved teaching programming to students. Her experience as an instructor helps her communicate with customers in a way that works best for them. She is never afraid to get up in a meeting and draw things out on a whiteboard for visual learners or walk customers through the process step by step.

In addition to her communication skills honed as an instructor, her background in Engineering gives her a unique perspective when solving problems. She likes to take an algorithmic approach to problem-solving were coding is only part of the process that helps her create the final solution and design. While many people believe coding is a solitary job, she thinks it is much more collaborative. She loves working with her team to solve customer problems.

One of the reasons she enjoys working on the CSE team is, she gets to work with new skills and technologies. She finds that going through the process of learning new technologies gives her a better perspective on how to meet customers where they are. The customers have subject matter expertise, but she can help them know the pros and cons of each solution so they can make the best choice for their industry. Jhansi is currently working with a Dev team on Kubernetes guidance to build production-scale services. Her favorite part of working on the CSE team is the variety of customers she can help on their journey to success.