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Hernán Asorey

Hernán dreamed of a career studying history and Egyptology. As he got lost in his history books, prepping to apply for college, his high school math teacher gave him math tests usually required for acceptance into engineering. Hernán breezed through the exams. It was clear to his teacher; Hernán had the capabilities to pivot right into engineering. She explained that he was a natural and history would always be there for him to learn more about but that he could accomplish more by pursuing engineering. She encouraged him to apply for engineering school. He was accepted to the top engineering school in Argentina.

Although college is free in Argentina, there are still costs for travel, lodging, books and food. Hernán’s family couldn’t afford to send him to school, he needed to cover his own expenses. So, he worked as a TA to earn his way through college. Travel to and from university would take up to two hours a day, but that didn’t stop Hernán from pushing forth, and his passion for math and logic began to blossom. Hernán quickly realized math was the key to understanding engineering. If you understand how the math works, you can code in different languages. And coding is the cornerstone of software engineering. He loved the idea of not only understanding theory but making actual things happen as the result of applying math, logic, data and computers to any problem. He worked swiftly to learn everything he needed to understand computer languages, data languages and visualization languages. These languages became more of an expressive way to make data and math do something.

Hernán’s passions took him to California where he witnessed what large datasets and computer power could really do. Cloud and big data were not a thing yet, but when he saw one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world had enough computer power to parse through gigabytes and terabytes of information, it was all very fascinating to him. In that moment it clicked; math could be applied to vast amounts of data and help shift businesses and societies into evidence driven decision making, leveraging science instead of hunches and ultimately creating smarter user experiences.

Hernán loves being a part of the CSE team because he gets to lead a team that helps customers drive impact through math and data. He still loves the intrigue of what the numbers might show and how he can help bring together people to dream of what they can do accomplish with the information. Hernán’s love of learning, and math carries onto many aspects of his life including in his passion for design, architecture and wine (as a certified sommelier)! His passion for learning and applying math is never ending.