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Federica Nocera

Federica has always found herself at the intersection of data and human behavior. An engineer by training, she started her career as an analyst in finance, learning about enterprise operations and investments, before pursuing a master’s in computational sociology at the University of Chicago. Here, she applied machine learning to various social realms, including in the prediction of patent innovation.

Federica’s first development role was as a data scientist. She applied machine learning to consumer preferences and product recommendations for marketing, first at a startup and then at Microsoft, where she worked on the Xbox, Surface and Windows Mixed Reality products. She then joined the CSE team in 2018.

Federica enjoys working for CSE as it allows her to use the latest technologies to enable customers to innovate around their hardest challenges. Working on best practices to bring Machine Learning models into production (now sometimes called MLOps) is one of her passions. She loves CSE’s focus on continued learning side-by-side with customer teams.

As part of a CSE Dev Crew, Federica has worked on many different customer projects, building machine learning solutions in Finance, Retail, and Manufacturing. One of the projects she remembers most keenly was helping Toyota Materials Handling develop an AI solution to improve welding quality in their forklift manufacturing process. The team had to overcome both technical latency challenges as well as difficulties around transforming and analyzing audio data from the welds. However, one special highlight at the end of the project was being able to drive one of the Toyota forklifts!