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Bujuanes Livermore

From film to fashion to research and design, Bujuanes Livermore has followed her passions, which have landed her here on the Microsoft CSE team.

Bujuanes has a strong seeker mentality. To stay sharp, she surrounds herself with people who spark new interests or help her see the world in new ways. You could refer to her as a go-getter, but what makes her exceptional is her ability to connect with others in any situation you place her in.

This art of becoming transformative in any environment came through years of work experiences, meeting new people, and becoming attuned to the needs of others. She is a person of many talents. Her love of learning and exploration of all things led her to attend university after the age of 30. From there she went on to pursue three master’s degrees.

Her career began when she worked within an area of public affairs. She was deeply involved with information management, leading the translation of business needs to technology requirements on digital projects. One assignment she was placed on changed the trajectory of her career. Driven by knowledge that the world’s technology needed to be more than simply the 1’s, and 0’s to create it, she recognized there were other ways tech could help assist people on a human level. Experiencing first-hand how tech was informing the way people think, act, and live, she gravitated toward emergent research that was analyzing the intersection between digital media and society. These new digital platforms changed what was possible creatively. She explored those possibilities through working with agencies and technology providers, before taking on a regional role in Microsoft. The growth and capability of digital platforms in affecting culture remains another track of study and practice for her.

One project Bujuanes worked on in her early days at Microsoft that helped her see the difference deeply understanding the lived experience of those using tech could make was helping to create the back-end technology psychologists needed to get secure video chats up and running with a particular client in need. These video calls were way before the era of Teams. The psychologists needed a platform that would allow them to interview people with mental illnesses who had previously acted violently. Contextual research influenced the design challenge of rethinking the concept of a shared space: how might technology help maintain the interaction that was needed while assuring the safety of specialists. Establishing video technology allowed the interviewer to do their job, without concerns about being in a shared space. This improved the psychologist’s wellbeing beyond safety, helping to minimize the potential PTSD they may have suffered. These types of transformative experiences that help people leverage technology in ways that extend or rethink their world is what stimulates her interest in the world of tech. made her proud and happy of the work she does.

As a result of working with CSE customers across many industries, Bujuanes has the privilege of growing new knowledge in areas she would have never imagined. Not all jobs allow you to exercise your skills and experience across wildly varying conditions. Most recently, her work has been merging with Data Scientists to deeply influence AI solutions with a human first approach; the genuine connection with people across disciplines – each contributing their specialty to make an idea a reality.