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Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez is a self-described adrenaline junkie. From leaping off the roof top of the Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas, to cliff jumping in Hawaii, he is into the rush. When he isn’t working with his CSE team, he’s always looking for ways to scratch another activity off his adventurous bucket list.

The love of adventure may have started back when Adrian was a kid. He recalls hopping into the computer lab to play an algebra race car game any time the opportunity was available. He was hooked.

Adrian grew up during a time when big tech was coming to the forefront of every industry. He credits his father who is in IT with allowing him to have a safe place for him to explore his curiosities. He eventually landed at GE where the foundations of his professional life would be established.

Adrian was excited to start his co-ops at a large company but was disappointed when he was stuck doing Excel spreadsheets. He was hoping to do programming. Although the job wasn’t glamourous, he did the work and recognized he could write code to help expedite repetitive work the team was doing. He spoke to colleagues to get their opinions on his idea, then presented his solution to his manager. They liked it. Adrian observed and reflected on what his dad taught him and applied these same skills in his role. He had the courage to seek different perspectives to create a better outcome.

Adrian loves working side-by-side with customers in CSE. His favorite experience was when he had an ambitious customer engineer who wanted to learn and develop quickly. Adrian helped teach the customer the engineering fundamentals needed to get the job done. The outcome after many months of work was seeing the customer contribute their own code with little help. The opportunity to see engineers on the customer’s team grow and develop makes the experience truly rewarding and unique to the work done in CSE. Adrian loves imagining how this person’s work will empower others in the future.

Outside of work, Habitat for Humanity holds a special place in Adrian’s life. He enjoys working with his hands and contributing to his city, Atlanta. He loves to work with other volunteers to build homes and makes sure there is fun while doing it. One of his goals is to create a team of volunteers to build more homes for families in need.