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Easily build and debug IoT Edge modules on your remote device with Azure IoT Edge for VS Code 1.9.0.

Recently, both Docker and Moby engine support SSH connection, which means you can connect a remote Docker engine more easily than before. In Azure IoT Edge for VS Code 1.9.0, we introduced a new extension setting(azure-iot-edge.executor.env) to inject environment variables into VS Code terminals. By leveraging the new setting and the new SSH ...

Azure IoT Hub for VS Code 2.1.0: Great performance optimization, more code generation templates and UX improvement

Happy New Year! Azure IoT Hub for VS Code 2.1.0 is the first version released in the year of 2019. In the release, we have several great updates for performance optimization, code generation and user experience! You could see the full Changelog here:

New year, new experience and new sample for Azure IoT Device Workbench

Together with the new Azure IoT Tools for VS Code extension pack, we also overhauled the experience of Azure IoT Device Workbench. And there is another exciting sample contributed by Chris Lovett (Github) from Microsoft Research about running Embedded Learning Library (ELL) on MXChip IoT DevKit to achieve the keyword spotting locally.

Azure IoT Hub for VS Code: 200K installs, Open Source always on the Way

Really another milestone! We are glad to see that the Azure IoT Hub for VS Code has reached 200K installs now, with all 5-star ratings. More and more Azure IoT developers are using Azure IoT Hub for VS Code in their daily work. Azure IoT Hub for VS Code makes it easy to develop, build, deploy and test your Azure IoT application in the same ...

Use VS Code as IoT Hub Device Simulator — Say Hello to Azure IoT Hub in 5 Minutes

When doing development for Azure IoT solutions, developers may want to test and debug his cloud solution with a real device. However, not every developer has a real device in his hand.  With the Azure IoT Toolkit extension for Visual Studio Code, you could easily use VS Code as a device simulator to quickly interact with Azure IoT Hub. Let's ...