Azure IoT Hub for VS Code: 200K installs, Open Source always on the Way

Jun Han

Really another milestone! We are glad to see that the Azure IoT Hub for VS Code has reached 200K installs now, with all 5-star ratings. More and more Azure IoT developers are using Azure IoT Hub for VS Code in their daily work. Azure IoT Hub for VS Code makes it easy to develop, build, deploy and test your Azure IoT application in the same developer tool, without any context switch: From creating a new IoT Hub and IoT device, to generating your Azure IoT application code, to running and testing your Azure IoT application in your VS Code.

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Moreover, with the power of Open Source, we have seen more and more users come together with us to make this extension better and better. From GitHub Issues, users come here to share their feedback and idea for the Azure IoT Toolkit. It help us to understand what users really want to make the extension much better. From GitHub Pull requests, we have seen more users even implement the features for the extension by themselves. Thanks to all the ❤️ awesome contributors!


Open Source is not just make the source code open, we have built our engineering system to support this well. We have Contributing Guidelines to help you quickly set up the development environment, we have TSLint to do static analysis, we have Mocha to run our unit test, we have Travis CI as our CI/CD service to be our guard for each PR and commit, also automate our extension release process.

And yes, we will continuously improve the extension and the whole engineering system. We are really looking forward to you feedback, idea and suggestion. Find us on Gitter or GitHub! We are always waiting for you!

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