Azure IoT Hub for VS Code 2.1.0: Great performance optimization, more code generation templates and UX improvement

Jun Han

Happy New Year! Azure IoT Hub for VS Code 2.1.0 is the first version released in the year of 2019. In the release, we have several great updates for performance optimization, code generation and user experience! You could see the full Changelog here:

Great performance optimization

With the adoption of Webpack, we have tremendously improved the load time and performance of Azure IoT Hub Tool. Below is the summary of the improvement:

  • Bring down the extension size from 9.3MB to 1.2MB
  • Number of files shrank from 5600 to 50
  • Install times shrank from over 30 seconds to mere a couple of seconds
  • Code loading time shrank from 2–20 seconds to 500ms, sometimes less.

More code generation templates

Last year, we shipped the release of Code Generation, with support for multiple languages and templates. One feedback from our user is to provide more templates. In this release, we have added Direct Method template for Node.js code generation. However, it is not the end. We’d like to hear from you what template and languages you’d like to have.

User experience improvement

One of the important features of v2.1.0 is that we have better support to control the device-to-cloud message monitoring. Now, when the monitoring job is started, you could easily click the button in Status Bar to stop the device-to-cloud message monitoring.

Besides, we have reorder and group our context menu, so that you could quickly find the correct command you want!


If you have any feedback or suggestion, feel free to submit an issue in our GitHub !

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