Azure IoT Tools make it easy to monitor custom Event Hub endpoints

Jun Han

With your Azure IoT application becomes more and more complicated, it is a common scenario that developers leverage IoT Hub message routing to send device-to-cloud messages to different endpoints. Therefore, we want to a convenient way to view and monitor the custom endpoints. With Azure IoT Tools, developers could not only view all the endpoints in VS Code, but also monitor custom Event Hub endpoints with ease.

View built-in and custom endpoints

In Azure IoT Hub explorer, you could see all the built-in and custom endpoints, include Event Hubs, Service Bus queue, Service Bus topic and Blob storage.


Monitor custom Event Hub endpoints

Right-click your Event Hub endpoint and select Start Monitoring, the monitored messages will be shown in OUTPUT > Azure IoT Hub Toolkit view.

To stop monitoring, right-click the OUTPUT view and select Stop Monitoring Custom Event Hub Endpoint.


It is just awesome! Right? Monitoring custom Event Hub endpoints has never been such easy! Please install Azure IoT Tools to have a try!

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