What’s new in VSTS Sprint 134 Update

Alex Nichols

The Sprint 134 Update of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) has rolled out to all accounts. In this Update we continue to increase the breadth of services offered in Azure DevOps Projects to enable you to get started quickly. The (newly renamed) Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), a fully managed Kubernetes container orchestration service, Azure Service Fabric, and Azure SQL Database join the list of Azure services in DevOps Projects, which gives you options depending on the type of application you’re building and how much customization you want to have. Hear from Gopi, our lead for Release Management, about the value of DevOps Projects and a few of the features we already offer for containers in VSTS.

New tasks are also available for Python and Ruby to enable you to specify the version of the language to use in your builds. This gives you that precise control and helps to avoid failed builds due to a mismatch with your development environment.

Python build task

Release gates, which let you automate the deployment progression between environments in a release, are now generally available. Some of the common types of gates, such as Query Work Items and Query Azure Monitor Alerts, are provided by default. However, release gates are extensible, which means extension developers have already starting adding new types of gates to the Marketplace, like these for Get Twitter Sentiment and Search GitHub Issues.

Release gates

If you’re using Azure Stack or otherwise developing hybrid applications between Azure cloud and on-prem, check out the new integration for VSTS with Azure Stack. This enables you to keep a consistent set of tools with VSTS whether you’re working on cloud, on-prem, or hybrid apps.

Check out the release notes for more details.


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