What do you mean “This topic is no longer available” ?


First off – sorry that you reached this page and are not able to easily find what you need.

When you reach this page, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the feature is no longer supported or that content is not available for it.


For several releases, we’ve been streamlining our content with the goal to better support your information needs. As a result, many topics that existed in VS 2005, VS 2008, or VS 2010 don’t appear for VS 2010 or  VS 2012.

What to do when you reach this page…

  • Use the search box at the upper-right of the page to find related topics.
  • Use the version selector, when available, to find the last published version of the topic.

    Then, click on a parent node topic in the TOC and select the version of your product. You may find the related topics under the parent node provide the content you want.
  • Use the links below to access topics that contain content from topics that were removed from publishing.


Index to XML Element Definitions for Work Item Types  Provides links to all XML tags used to customize work item type definitions.
Index to XML Element Definitions for Process Template Plug-ins  Provides links to all XML tags used to customize process templates.
Design the Workflow Describes how to customize the workflow for a work item type.
Create, Customize, and Manage Reports for Visual Studio ALM Describes how to work with reports in VS ALM and TFS.

 Where did the content go?

  • The relevant content has been consolidated into another topic.
  • The topic was removed as the content was considered not to provide that much value.
  • The content addressed a feature that isn’t available in a later product version.
  • Content was reorganized in the TOC and a parent node was eliminated.

What other topics or content areas are you having trouble finding?

Let us know and we’ll try to get you the answers you’re seeking.

Meanwhile, thanks for your patience.


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