Top stories from the VSTS community–2018.03.02

Willy-P. Schaub

Here are top stories we found in our streams this week related to DevOps, VSTS, TFS and other interesting topics.


  • Make a Group Team Administrator in VSTS/TFS – Jesse Houwing
    In the past, I’ve contributed to the TFS Team Tools from the ALM Rangers. That project had since been deprecated, though it still has a few unique features. I’ve decided to resurrect it and you can now find it on my GitHub account. While I was at it, I incorporated the functionality to list, add and remove Team Administrators. It supports adding individuals as well as groups.
  • Deploying WordPress application using VSTS and Azure – part one – Yaron Pri Gal
    This post is the first part of two blog posts, describing how to setup a CI/CD pipeline using VSTS for deploying a dockerized custom WordPress website working with Azure WebApp for Containers and Azure Database for MySQL.
  • VSTS Gems – Manual step in release management pipelines – Rui Melo
    Either for control/monitoring/testing or executing manual procedures, the Manual Intervention is there for you.
  • Using VSTS to Test Python Code (with Code Coverage) – Colin Dembovsky
    I recently worked with a customer that had some containers running Python code. The code was written by data scientists and recently a dev had been hired to help the team get some real process in place.
  • Troubleshoot “service unavailable” in TFS – Ricci Gian Maria
    Yesterday I’ve started an old virtual machine with an old version of TFS and when I try to access the instance I got a “Service Unavailable” error.
  • Deploy a Dockerized ASP.NET Core Application to Kubernetes on Azure Using a VSTS CI/CD Pipeline: Part 1 – Dr Graham Smith
    Docker is much more mature with features such as multi-stage builds dramatically streamlining the process of building source code and packaging it in to containers, and Kubernetes has emerged as a clear leader in the container orchestration battle and looks set to be a game-changing technology.
  • Performance Testing Entry and Exit Criteria – Scott Summers
    What to do if the entrance criterion of “Non-functional requirements (NFRs) are defined and signed off” has not been met. Also, what can be done if they have been defined but are simply not good enough to properly test in a meaningful way?
  • Not all is lost if your cube gets corrupted… – Matteo Emiliatt
    I ran into this very odd situation yesterday with the Reporting capability of my production TFS instance – I realised the Incremental Analysis Database Sync job and the Optimize Databases job were running for hours!
  • GitHub Issues Release Gate extension for VSTS Release Management – Utkarsh Shigihalli
    Install our extension, write the search string for finding out issues and you are all set!
  • Build your own Hosted VSTS Agent Cloud: Part 1 – Deploy – Wouter de Kort
    In the following blog posts I want to take a semi-managed approach. What if you could reuse all the work that Microsoft puts into the Hosted Agent Pool and use that to run your own VSTS Agent Pool. In this post I’ll introduce Packer and show you how to build your own image. In the next post we’ll look at deploying these custom images and finally we’ll setup a CI/CD pipeline on VSTS that does all this fully automated.



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