Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2022.02.18

Jay Gordon

The top stories from the #AzureDevOps #community for 2022.02.18 are here!

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Hello and welcome back to the weekly roundup of news and posts from across the DevOps on Azure community.

Posts from the DevOps on Azure Community

We have another week of posts from the DevOps on Azure Community. The posts this week come from across the world to share subjects like Terraform, Azure DevOps, SQL Server Management, and Sentinel!

Version control for SQL Server Management Studio templates using GitHub
Kevin Chant covers how to do version control for SQL Server Management Studio templates using GitHub.

Would you like an OpenSource Engineering Handbook Template ? 🚀
Andrew posts about his OpenSource Engineering Handbook Website Template so Engineering Managers don’t have to build their website from scratch.

Using Azure Container Apps and KEDA to create self-hosted scalable Azure DevOps Agents deployed using Azure DevOps and Azure CLI
Thomas Thorton returns to discuss containers, DevOps agents, and Azure Container Apps.

Terraform Count and For_Each Meta-Argument Overview
Jack Roper provides examples of using count and for_each meta-arguments within Terraform.

💪Create a Face cognitive service using Azure Bicep Language
Dave Rendon uses Bicep to build some AI into his apps.

Azure DevOps best practices – jobs and stages
GeralexGR shares his thoughts on Azure DevOps jobs and stages starting with a simple pipeline.

Automate Microsoft Sentinel Playbook Deployment using Azure DevOps
Nicolas Prigent gives a rundown of automating the deployment of SIEM solution, Microsoft Sentinel.

Azure DevOps is my Favorite Tool
Ray Garza shares why Azure DevOps has become a crucial tool in his DevOps toolbox.

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Thank you to all this week’s contributors! We appreciate the posts by Kevin, Andrew, Thomas, Jack, Dave, GeralexGR, Nicolas, and Ray.

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