Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2020.04.10

Steven Murawski

Happy Friday! It’s been another crazy week, but I’ve got some great weekend reading for you here. With Terraform in CI/CD, parameterized builds, some database migration love, a cool build automation project, and a dose of daily PowerShell in your pipeline, there is something for everyone.

Delivering Automated Terraform CI/CD with Azure DevOps
Saumilkumar introduces Terraform and shows us how to get started in Azure CloudShell and Azure Pipelines.

Customize your Azure DevOps “Run pipeline” menu
Want to add a bit of sophistication to your pipelines? Parameters may be something to explore. Damien walks us through an example of parameterizing some App Center-related builds.

Deploying an SQL Express database in Azure DevOps pipeline with YAML and generating and updating the database with migrate scripts using EF Core Code First tools
Sometimes a short sample that gets right to the point is just what you need. Tore gets right to the point and shares a build definition that includes deploying a database with Entity Framework migration scripts.

Automation Through Azure DevOps with Bob
Ok, this is a different (but cool) project. Adam introduces a tool called “Bob” that helps orchestrate and collect build artifacts from multiple builds. It’s also cool to see Azure DevOps being used to support security projects!

Use the Daily version of PowerShell in Azure Pipelines
You may not know, but I’m a huge PowerShell nerd, so it makes me very happy to see Tyler sharing a Gist with details on how to use the daily build in your CI.

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