Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2019.10.04

Sasha Rosenbaum

Time flies, and it is October already. Pumpkins are everywhere, even in Azure DevOps! If you are looking for a fun automation project for Halloween, check out our last story for this week.

PowerApps BuildTools for Azure DevOps
I get excited every time I see Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices make it into another traditionally manual field. This great post from Francisco Ruiz A shows how to use the preview PowerApps build tools for Azure DevOps to add a PowerApp to source control and automatically deploy it to the target environment. Say goodbye to manual zip uploads! Thank you for sharing with the community, Francicso!

Azure DevOps Multi-Stage Pipelines Approval Strategies
A little while ago we added the manual approvals functionality to multi-stage YAML pipelines in Azure DevOps. This great post from Justin Yoo walks us through the configuration needed to add reviewers to the YAML pipeline stages. Thank you, Justin!

Creating Tasks automatically in Azure DevOps using Flow
Often times, larger Azure Boards work items require a breakdown into routine tasks, and Project Managers have to manually create and assign them. This blog post by Shan shows an automation of this process using Microsoft Flow. What is extra cool is that you can use a similar process to automate work item creation based on other triggers. For instance you could create a work item after getting a certain kind of email, using Microsoft Flow or Azure Logic Apps. Thank you Shan!

App Center to Azure DevOps: how to check your app build status in a Pipeline
This post from Ant Puleo walks us through integrating Azure Repos and App Center, getting the mobile application Build status back to Azure DevOps using a Function task. Thank you Ant!

Azure Functions using Java Spring with CI/CD using Azure Pipelines— Part 2
And, of course, just as we can use Azure Functions to automate tasks in Azure DevOps, we can also use Azure Pipelines to automate Functions deployments. This post from Visweshwar Ganesh shows us how to create and deploy a Java Spring Function. Visweshwar starts from the Deployment Center tab in Azure Portal, which automatically wires up the initial CI/CD pipeline for you. Thank you Visweshwar!

Pumpkin Pi 🎃 with Raspberry’s & Pipelines
It is October, and Halloween is just around the corner! In this video, Martin Woodward shows us how to get a spooky Build status light using a pumpkin and a Raspberry Pi. I must admit, I was most impressed by Martin’s skills at carving a pumpkin!

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