Support for large test attachments now available in Azure Pipelines

Divya Vaishnavi

When running tests in a CI/CD pipeline, collecting diagnostic data such as screenshots, logs, and attachments is very useful to help troubleshooting failures. Azure Pipelines has always had support for test attachments and you can find details in the documentation on how to collect attachments in continous testing.

With this update, Azure Pipelines supports test attachments bigger than 100MB in size, which means you can now upload big files like crash dumps or videos with failed tests, aiding your troubleshooting experience.

This functionality is available for all our customers today.

Change required if you are using self-hosted agents

If you are using self-hosted build or release agents behind a firewall that is filtering outbound requests, you will need to make some configuration changes to be able to use this functionality. You might see VSTest task or Publish test results task returning a 403 or 407 error in logs, an example is as below:

Large attachment Build error

Also note, if your pipeline treats warning as errors, you might see pipeline failures too.

In order to fix the issue above, we recommend updating firewall rules to allow outbound requests to https://* You can find troubleshooting information in our docs

Note that the change above is only required if you’re using self-hosted Azure Pipelines agents and you’re behind a firewall that is filtering outbound traffic. Customers using Microsoft-hosted agents in the cloud or that aren’t filtering outbound network traffic do not need to take any action.


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