November extensions round-up: Actionable Insights for Agile teams and a widget for easy access to all teams in your project

Joe Bourne

The round-up is back for November! I’m sorry for not posting in October. My wife and I welcomed our second child, a girl, into the world. I was at home spending time with them because they grow up so fast 🙂

But now I’m back, and some really exciting extensions went live in the Marketplace this month. RippleRock, has entered the Marketplace with their actionable agile insights experience SenseAdapt. We also have another useful dashboard widget from a publisher you might know because of his other successful extensions in the marketplace, Dave Smits!

SenseAdapt, by RippleRock

See it in the Marketplace here:

This extension provides a toolset for agile teams to quickly and seamlessly create actionable insight charts without any additional configuration of their account. Some of the top scenarios supported by SenseAdapt are

  • Forecast likely project completion dates and engage stakeholders with simpler, actionable visualizations
  • Give teams the situational awareness to do their job. Help them focus and stimulate improvement with simple visualizations of their work and the system around them
  • Enable governance to base decisions on objective insight, whilst seeing options to influence outcomes
  • Deliver more value by embedding Agile principles of; transparency, visualization, frequent data-based feedback loops
  • Clear, simple oversight with most of the SAFe project metrics

Forecast the likely range of project completion dates

Your team will be able to leverage 12 visualization that take minutes to create without any additional configuration and can be created based on your team’s different roles and objectives. It’s awesome!

Project Teams, by Dave Smits

See it in the Marketplace here:

You may recognize Dave for his extremely popular Activity Feed extension among others. He’s back at it again with another new entry which is super useful.

With Project Teams you get a dashboard widget that shows you all of the teams under your current project. From here you can very quickly navigate to other team’s dashboards and backlogs. Super nifty!

I’ll be on the lookout for extensions to feature in the future, so if you’d like to see yours (or someone else’s) here, then let me know on Twitter!




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