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Azure DevOps client libraries migrated to MSAL

The Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.InteractiveClient library is a public NuGet package that takes care of authenticating to Azure DevOps Services. It abstracts away the acquisition, management and refreshing of authentication tokens, so developers can focus on their goals and stay productive. Historically, the interactive client library has ...

All Azure DevOps REST APIs now support PAT scopes

Recently, the Azure DevOps team completed an initiative to associate all Azure DevOps REST APIs with a granular personal access token (PAT) scope. As part of our ongoing investments in security, we undertook this effort to reduce the risks associated with a leaked PAT credential. Previously, a number of Azure DevOps REST APIs were not ...

Integrate security into your developer workflow with GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps

Exciting things are in store for Azure DevOps in the coming year! We’re planning deep investments in security as well as broad investment across the product. Read on for more information, and then be sure to check out our updated roadmap at Deep investments in security First, we are super excited about ...

Updates to Azure Pipelines Runtime Variables Settings [Updated]

We have gotten a lot of feedback on this change and after internal deliberation, we are now rolling back this change ASAP. Final Update as of 5/19/22 @ 10:08 AM PST: Again, I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience and disruption this has caused. We remain deeply committed to making sure our customers have a first-class experience using ...

Updated: Azure DevOps (and Azure DevOps Server) and the log4j vulnerability

For Azure DevOps, our analysis pointed towards the Search service not being vulnerable. Even so, we are following the guidance and upgrading to the latest Log4j version and reviewing our network security group rules for the Search service as part of a defense in depth strategy. We will continue posting updates to this blog post as we learn mor

Azure DevOps Response to GitKraken SSH Bug

Azure DevOps was recently informed by GitKraken's development team, Axosoft, of a security vulnerability in GitKarken's key generation algorithm. This vulnerability led to the generation of insecure SSH keys. We identified customers affected by this vulnerability and revoked their SSH keys. Check out the blog post for more details.