Azure DevOps Roadmap update for 2019 Q1

Gloridel Morales

Last week we updated the Features Timeline to provide visibility on our key investments for this quarter. The features listed below link to the public roadmap project where you can find more details about each item. Here are a few highlights on some of the features for Q1 and Q2.

Azure Boards:

Editing and deleting of work item comments2019 Q1 With this capability, you’ll be able to edit or delete existing comments on work items.

Azure Repos:

Rebase & Fast-forwarding as merge options for pull requests – Public Preview – 2019 Q1

Teams use pull requests to review and merge code changes in their git repositories. Today Azure Repos only supports merge with the option to squash commits when completing the pull requests. We are working on enhancing this to enable rebase and fast-forwarding as options when completing pull requests. These improvements will also include the capability of enforcing any subset of the pull request completion options via branch policies.

Branch policies administration improvements – Public Preview – 2019 Q2

Branch policies are powerful features of Azure Repos that help teams protect their branches. In Q2 we plan to ship improvements to the branch policies administration experience to make it easier for users to set policies for multiple branches and repos without having to navigate away from the branch policies administration page. We will also enable the capability to set a policy for all repositories in the same project.

Azure Pipelines:

GitHub Enterprise and BitBucket support for YAML-based pipelines2019 Q1 You will be able to configure a pipeline in Azure Pipelines for your GitHub Enterprise or BitBucket repository using a YAML file.

Hosted pools and visibility into concurrency usage2019 Q1 Currently, you see multiple hosted pools and agent slots for each of the agent pools in your organization. We are updating the hosted pools experience to have a single agent pool. This will allow you to browse all the jobs running in that pool in a single place.

YAML editor in the web2019 Q1 To make it easier for you to author YAML pipelines, we are adding some of the features of the

visual designer into the YAML editor. For example, you will be able to use a task assistant to add new tasks to the YAML file.

Multi stage pipelines2019 Q1 We will expand the current single-stage YAML pipelines to support multiple stages with approvals. With this, you will be able to author the entire pipeline from build to release in code using YAML.

Azure Artifacts:

Full support for Azure Artifacts in Release Management, continued rollout of upstream sources2019 Q1

In Q1, we’ll be enabling all Azure Artifacts package types – Maven, npm, NuGet, Python, and Universal – to be used as an artifact that triggers a release. We’ll also continue to invest in upstream sources, bringing them to Maven, making them available across Azure DevOps organizations, and shortening the “refresh time” to fifteen minutes between when a package is published to a feed and when it’s available via upstream sources.


Build failures report2019 Q1

As adoption of Azure Pipelines continues to grow, we want to provide metrics and actionable insights to improve the throughput and stability of a pipeline. In Q1, we will report on the trend of a pipeline by showing the success rate along with insights on how to improve it.


Connect to Azure Active Directory (AAD), set up billing, and updated security and org settings2019 Q1

We’re continuing to make it easier to administer Azure DevOps by adding improved experiences for connecting to AAD and setting up or modifying billing within Azure DevOps administration. We’re also addressing two of the top voted Developer Community posts by rolling out an improved security and organizations settings and giving users the ability to change their project profile image from the Project Overview settings page.


Publisher Certification2019 Q1

We plan to ship a top publisher program designed to help you acquire extensions with confidence.  A top publisher icon will be displayed for a publisher once it meets our policies, adoption and support benchmarks.

We appreciate your feedback, which helps us prioritize. If you have new ideas or changes you’d like to see, provide a suggestion on the Developer Community or vote for an existing one.


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