Announcing Azure DevOps Server 2020.0.1 RC

Gloridel Morales

Today, we are releasing Azure DevOps Server 2020.0.1 RC. This is a go-live release, meaning it is supported on production instances, and you will be able to upgrade to our final release. Azure DevOps Server 2020.0.1 includes bug fixes for Azure DevOps Server 2020. You can find the details of the fixes in our release notes.

You can upgrade to Azure DevOps Server 2020.0.1 from Azure DevOps Server 2020, Azure DevOps Server 2019 or previous versions of Team Foundation Server. You can also install Azure DevOps Server 2020.0.1 without first installing Azure DevOps Server 2020.

Here are some key links:

We’d love for you to install this release candidate and provide any feedback at Developer Community.


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  • Tore Østergaard Jensen (TORE) 0

    Can you help clarify the difference between this ADS 2020.0.1 RC and the ADS 2020 Patch 1 mentioned here:

    We are just about to upgrade from 2019.1.1 to 2020 and I am not sure that I can persuade our management to go for this RC, even if it is go-live. Do I loose a lot of goodness by ‘only’ updating to ADS 2020 + ADS 2020 Patch 1, that I can use in my argumentation?

    • Gloridel MoralesMicrosoft employee 0

      Hi Tore, Azure DevOps Server 2020.0.1 RC is a roll up of bug fixes to the Azure DevOps Server 2020 release including Patch 1. If you install Azure DevOps Server 2020, you should follow the install process with Patch 1. In this case you will be missing the bug fixes described in the release notes.

      • Tore Østergaard Jensen (TORE) 0

        Hi Gloridel

        I might be asking for too much here, but I was hoping for a recommendation between 2020 + Patch 1 or 2020.0.1 RC.

        As far as I can see, the path with 2020 + Patch 1 is missing some fixes that seems to make the collection upgrade much harder, by requiring copy of files and manual column creation in the database. If I understand this correctly, then it seems a bit odd that these issues are not mentioned as Known Issues on the 2020 release notes.

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