An alternative to the Azure DevOps App in the Microsoft Teams app store

Divya Vaishnavi

Azure Boards, Azure Pipelines and Azure Repos are the recommended apps for bringing Azure DevOps workflows into Microsoft Teams. The Azure DevOps app for Microsoft Teams is used by customers on Azure DevOps Services to get notified on events such as pull request created, work item updated, build completed and use tabs to manage Kanban board or dashboard.

Over the last past year, we have invested in this area and released the above new suite of specific apps for Azure DevOps which provide enhanced capabilities than the older application and you can focus on a specific workflow.

In addition to receiving notifications on events from Azure DevOps, these new apps support rich features such as:

  • Creating work items using a command or messaging action
  • Approving / rejecting releases from the Teams channel
  • Unfurling URLs for work items, pull requests and pipelines
  • Supporting notifications for new YAML based pipelines

For viewing dashboards and managing kanban board in Teams, you can embed the Azure DevOps URL inside Teams tab using the native tab website functionality.

For more details on the apps, refer the documentation here.

Next Steps

If you are currently using the existing Azure DevOps app we recommend that you begin using the newer apps. If you are on Azure DevOps Server (TFS), you are not affected by this change and can continue using the original Azure DevOps Server app on Teams.

We plan to continue improving the Azure DevOps apps on a regular basis. Please send us your feedback using the feedback command in the app or on the Azure DevOps feedback portal. Thank you for your continued use and support of Azure DevOps.


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    • Divya VaishnaviMicrosoft employee 0

      Hi Sanjeev,

      That is not in our current plans. Request you to please add this in our feedback portal so that others can upvote too.

  • Andre Wanlin 0

    When will the same features come to those using Azure DevOps Server? Why are you leaving this group of users behind?

    • Eric Woerner 0

      Not a solution, but a comment – your group isn’t the only ones getting left behind. GCC is being left behind also. I have upvoted anything to do with 1st Party apps for GCC and no real response. It’s just a lot easier for Microsoft to knock out the low hanging fruit with commercial cloud.

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