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Charles Sterling

Martin Hinshelwood and Steve Borg as still as busy as ever!  Here are their next two months set of free and near events!

Northwest Cadence

LIVE West Region Events

FREE 1-day seminars

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Double Feature:

Testing and ALM for Agile Development

Anchorage, AK


Double Feature:

Testing and ALM for Agile Development

Bellevue, WA


Double Feature:

Testing and ALM for Agile Development

Fremont, CA


Double Feature:

Testing and ALM for Agile Development

San Diego, CA


Doing ALM Right

Bellevue, WA


Doing ALM Right

Portland, OR


LIVE Coffee Talk Events: [same information as yesterday’s email]

1-hour live events hosted at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue.

Space is limited, so please be sure to register!

Join Northwest Cadence (at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue!) for fresh brewed coffee, a variety of specialty coffee cakes, and some morning discussions that are sure to wake you up and get your day off to a great start!

Thursday, October 27| Testers Get Professional

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Join Northwest Cadence for an interactive, real-world walkthrough of the latest testing practices using Visual Studio 2010 tools.

Want to add more predictability and rigor to your team’s test process?

Want to harmonize the relationship between developers and testers?

Want to prevent problems instead of finding them?

Want solid traceability from requirements and use cases through implementation and verification?

Want to jump-start test automation, and leverage new tools to run and reproduce tests in a wide range of environments?

Thursday, December 8 | The Alphabet Soup of Agile Testing

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TDD (Test-driven development) – many folks have heard of it, but hardly anybody actually does it. Why not? Are there better choices? With testing resource constraints a major obstacle to Agile adoption, modern test practices and tools are more important than ever. In this interactive live session, we will navigate through the acronyms and identify concrete, practical practices that your team can use to get ahead in the quality game.

FREE webcast events

1-hour webinars

Thursday, November 3 | Scrum-damentals

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Scrum is the most adopted and recognized agile methodology. However, there are still challenges to Scrum adoption. This event will dive into several Scrum adoption pitfalls and how an organization can avoid them. In particular, we will highlight some of the proven practices that have worked for diverse sets of teams. We will also leave time for questions and encourage attendees to bring your most challenging problems!

Friday, November 4 | Limit Work in Process (WIP)

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Overloaded individuals and teams suffer from bad multitasking. They are also cursed with long lead times, poor quality, and high rates of failure. Kanban limits work in process (WIP) to improve the flow in a development process. This event is more technical than the earlier Kanban events. During the event, we will expose the problems caused by excessive WIP, and the wide-ranging benefits of reducing WIP.


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