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New Personal Access Token Lifecycle APIs in private preview

We’re happy to announce the release of our new APIs to manage the lifecycle of Personal Access Tokens (PATs) on Azure DevOps, which allow your team to manage PATs they own, offering them new functionality, such as creating new PATs with a desired scope and duration, renewing existing PATs, or expiring existing PATs.

DevOps Fireside Chats – January 2021 – New Year, New DevOps with #LoECDA

Welcome to our series of DevOps Fireside chats on LearnTV. These monthly conversations are focused on providing you with a direct line to the Azure Advocates and other DevOps professionals to ask questions about your pressing DevOps needs. Each month you'll have a new topic the panel will cover! DevOps evolves a lot in an organization, but ...

AzureFunBytes – Terraform and Azure

Azure Cloud Advocate Zachary Deptawa joins me again! This time we'll dive a bit deeper into Terraform! Zachary has a ton more information to share about how to deploy your applications using HashiCorp Terraform along with Microsoft Azure. Join us with your questions and learn even more fundamentals. AzureFunBytes! - Byte-sized content ...