Delivery Plans 2.0 Update


Delivery Plans 2.0 Update

We are excited to announce that the dependency tracking feature for Delivery Plans 2.0 is complete and the Team limit has been increased to 15! We’ve also addressed some bugs and issues so please keep the feedback coming.

Viewing Dependencies

Dependency tracking works by defining the predecessor and successor links for work items. This informs Delivery Plans of the dependencies. Dependencies are viewed through the dependency panel which shows all the dependencies for that work item, including the direction. A red exclamation mark indicates a dependency problem. To bring up the panel simply click on the dependency link icon in the upper right corner of the card.

Here are examples of the dependency panel…

Image dependencies

Image dependencies cross project

Dependencies between work items are visualized with arrow headed lines between the respective work items. Multiple dependencies will display with multiple lines. A red colored line indicates a problem. Just click on the card to activate the dependency lines. Here is an example of a single dependency.

Image BlackLineDependency

Here’s an example of a dependency with an issue…

Image RedLineDependency

Here’s an example of multiple dependencies…

Image MultipleDependencies

When there is an issue the line color is red and you can hover over it to get the specific dependency that has an issue.


Based on feedback we’ve been receiving I want to provide clarification on some common activities

  • Any fields included on your plan(via Settings) can be filtered on with the text filter

  • Any plan created with the original Plans extension will work with Delivery Plans 2.0, no data has to migrate.

  • HTML fields like description can’t be added to a card because it’s a challenge to format. We’ll update the field selector to not include HTML fields.

What’s next?

We’ll continue addressing feedback and fixing bugs. We plan to GA Delivery Plans 2.0 by the end of March.