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Xcode 8.0-8.3.2 deprecation on Azure Pipelines hosted agents

This September, Azure Pipelines delivered Microsoft-hosted build support for Xcode 10 on the day it was released. Now that our community builds fewer than 1 percent of apps with older versions of Xcode 8, we will focus on supporting Xcode 8.3.3 and higher. Effective November 28, 2018, we are ending support for older versions of ...

New Advanced Text Editor on the Work Item Form in Azure DevOps

With the Azure DevOps Sprint 143 Update, we’re excited to announce the availability of our new rich text editor on the work item form in Azure Boards. The work item form can be accessed in Azure Boards from the work items hub, boards, backlogs, and queries. This editor is also open source, which means you can check out the roosterjs ...

Security fixes for Team Foundation Server

Today, we are releasing a fix for a potential cross site scripting (XSS) vulnerability. This impacts Team Foundation Server 2017 and 2018. We have released patches for TFS 2017 Update 3.1, TFS 2018 Update 1.1, and TFS 2018 Update 3. We have also released TFS 2018 Update 3.1, which is a full install that includes this fix.

What’s new in Azure DevOps Sprint 142 Update

Sprint 142 Update of Azure DevOps is rolling out to all organizations. In this update, there have been several improvements to YAML in Azure Pipelines, we've switched on the new navigation for everyone, improved experiences for Azure Boards, as well as introducing the dark theme.